Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why you should switch to Linux

As the title suggests; windows 8 is not very good for serious PC gamers or C++ programmers and is designed for access through multiple devices, it is decent from someone who is only going to use an OS for basic things such as documents and powerpoints but other then that it is just a locked down PC.

We are not being biased whatsoever we have looked at the released OS machine on top of the earlier consumer previews of the machine.

It merges your xbox devices, making things slightly more organised in some respects, but it is annoying having to switch between applications. The machine is esentially an ios accentric OS, it is a cross between both OS and ios and is designed to be handled well in all devices, the controls however are terrible, on the OS it's mouse is esentially emulating touch controls, you are clicking on rectangles that are designed to be touched on, it barely works at all on desktops, dekstop users will be the ones getting frustratted and angered this christmas but aside from that if you plan on getting windows 8, i highly recomend you just get a  windows 8 tablet instead, if you want a proper OS use windows 7 or you can move onto linux and unix, hell even macintosh is better then this shit.

Now that i have explained the basics about windows 8, it's time to move onto the logic behind this terrible gimmick:

Time to get onto the article. While windows 8 is a fresh new OS, that brings useful new features, it is too basic looking and too accessible for advanced user's tastes, i understand that not everyone is a tech wizard but for those who are it may upset many. An OS is an operating sytem, it is designed to do the most advanced of things, it is meant to look advanced, feel advanced and be able to require computor knowledge. Windows 8 is a complete reflection, it is designed so that even ol' gramps can use it without any knowledge.

The desktop on windows 8 is too basic and has huge massive rectangles, each taking up an eigth of the screen, even a sixth in some rectangles and lacks encasing completely. The start option looks horrible it is placed at the top of the screen as though the entire screen is a leaflet you'd find in a cruddy newspaper. The rectangles replace icons with this new design making it far less desirable. Ios and tablet systems are a nightmare, the fact Microsoft has designed windows 8 too look like an ios is removing the entire point of an OS. An OS is powerful and should not be related to such a wimpy turd of a device. 

I worked hard to gain my programming knowledge and microsoft brings up this at the conference?!!! My first impressions were that the OS looked awful in every way of design choice. Though it would unfair for me to critisise the windows 8 OS before i had even got my hands on the machine. Another words things have become more easy then they need to be, somes things are better left as they are. World Of Warcraft lost popularity because it became easier then it needed to be, it is a similer concept to windows 8, the design choice is too basic for such an advanced machine. An OS should an always have a bar at the bottem detailed room on the desktop, no back and forth scrolling like a tablet and should be designed so that it can be used for serious programming work.

Windows 7 will be my last windows OS and after that i shall start using linux, i suggest other companies and programmers should do the same. I dont see any logic by making a OS less complex then it needs to be, because it is making it a lot less enjoyable to use for some of us who are serious about video production, programming, gaming and other things that may include imputting codes and equations.

Moving on from this it gets worse not just for developers but for adopters of windows 7 and previous OS systems. On the OS there is no such thing as a window, you only have two options either keeping the application on standby or closing it, you cannot decrease the window to multitask as everything is fullscreen. Why should anyone have to close off the browser while talking to someone on skype?, it's ridiculous, you should be able to have multiple windows running on the screen. Instead it is just a gimmicky metro device. 

Windows 8 is good for a tablet device, but an OS? You must be joking, why should anyone have to scroll on a computor? It is limited and not worth your time. It is the ultimate downgraded OS, and its removed applications such as movie maker just to free space.

Microsoft must have this ringing bell in their' head that tells them that everyone who uses an OS has a tablet, which is not the case otherwise people wouldn't be complaining so bad. Really microsoft?!! You think we all own tablets? Are we really blind enough to fork out $700 just for some shitty pile of crap?! Microsoft lacks commen sense and logical thinking.

Families and workers will jump to windows 8 while the people who are smart will move onto nix computors, simple as that. Hell you even have to have a windows account to access the OS!

I feel completely and utterly offended that microsoft would take us windows users for granted and throw in this gimmicky rubbish thats likely to get good reviews just because microsoft are now overated idiots and are becoming as dumb as apple. They are gradually becoming the busy-bodies at apple inc.  

In the end it is just wasted crap that could have been big. Microsoft became so rich and big like apple they no longer needed to care about quality of products and now they just produce blatant cash-in gimmicks that they know people without the knowledge will buy. The soul that Microsoft once had has disintergrated and is now coming to a fate of a great company. Like Apple they were good until greed got to them.


4.5/10 a terrible mess of a computor

You can blatantly critisise my argument below without proving any points, but if you want to talk crap you can be blocked. I am smart enough to realise that not all of you will be reading these words before commenting.